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Titles of Kairos documents

Kairos document title
Number of Kairos documents cited
Title Secondary title Yearsort ascending Citations to Kairos Partno
Demands for Concrete Proof by We the Peoples of the World 2012 5 1
Mindsets Ensuring Disappearance of Employment Opportunities Towards a systemic reframing of the job culture 2012 51 1
Everything as a Metaphorical Theory of Everything Not excluding nonsense, nothingness, the inexplicable, the irrelevant and their rejection 2012 4 1
Enstoning through Imagination, Dreams, Drugs and Imbibing 2012 12 1
Identity, Possessive World-making and their Transformation Dynamics 2012 19 1
Emerging Significance of Nothing 2012 12 1
Eightfold Configuration of Nested Cycles of Cognitive Transformations Meta-pattern of connectivity through a hypersphere? 2012 45 1
Convergence of 30 Disabling Global Trends Mapping the social climate change engendering a perfect storm 2012 36 1
Way Round Cognitive Ground Zero and Pointlessness? Embodying the Geometry of Fundamental Cognitive Dynamics 2012 60 1
In Quest of a Dynamic Pattern of Transformations Sensing the strange attractor of an emerging Rosetta Stone 2012 85 1
Configuring a Set of Zen Koan as a Wisdom Container Formatting the Gateless Gate for Twitter 2012 11 1
Enactivating Multiversal Community Hearing a pattern of voices in the global wilderness 2012 56 1
Enstoning of Promise, Potential, Possibility and Pattern 2012 7 1
Unthought as Cognitive Foundation of Global Civilization Implications of God, debt, overpopulation, waste, negligence, encroachment and death? 2012 65 1
Embodying a Way Round Pointlessness ? 2012 47 1
Imaginative Reconfiguration of a post-Apocalyptic Global Civilization Engaging cognitively with the illusion of the End of the World 2012 39 1
Unanswered Questions on Iran and Israel 2012 7 1
Metaphorical Insights from the Patterns of Academic Disciplines Learning from the Standard Model of Physics? 2012 29 1
Living with Incomprehension and Uncertainty Re-cognizing the varieties of non-comprehension and misunderstanding 2012 48 1
Club of Rome Reports and Bifurcations A 40-year overview 2012 35 1
Implication of Indwelling Intelligence in Global Confidence-building Sustaining the construction and dynamic of psychosocial reality through questioning 2012 70 1
Requisite Childlike Cognition for Integration of Heaven ? 2012 14 1
Enabling Wisdom Dynamically within Intertwined Tori Requisite resonance in global knowledge architecture 2012 35 1
Beware of Legality, Accountability, Marketability, Security! Be where the Four Hoarsemen of the Apocalypse are not? 2012 47 1
Enstoning with Rocks and Rockets 2012 7 1