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Defining the objective i Refining the subjective ?!

Explaining reality i Embodying realization (Part #1)

Annex of Massive Elicitation of Psychosocial Energy: Requisite technology for collective enlightenment (2011)

Requisite complexification of knowing
Learning as "seeing-squared"?
Configuring modes of "seeing"
"Seeing" as implied by the Fibonacci spiral
Configuring learning-action cycles
Constrained comprehension
Planning and the "infinite plane"
Cognitive containers
Toroidal cognitive container?
Embodying realization through waveforms
Meta-challenges of pattern questing

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As presented in the Introduction to the main document, this continues the speculative exploration of e = mc2 as a pattern, and the cognitive implications associated with the nuclear technology based upon that insight. [Bibliographical references are listed in the main document].

The suggestion made there is that technology is the art of benefitting from differences. It is emphasized that society is indeed much challenged by fundamental differences and disagreements. The question explored here is whether there is a form of technology, from which energy can be derived, associated with reframing what is maximally different -- as distinguishable by human patterning capacity.

Christian de Quincey (Radical Nature: rediscovering the soul of matter, 2002) argues the need for a new cosmology story. His framing of the "new thinking", for which many quest, is stated in a conclusion entitled Stories Matters, Matter Stories where he indicates:

We need a new way to envision our relationship to the full parorama of the crawling, burrowing swimming, gliding, flying, circulating, flowing, rooted, and embedded Earth. We need to be and to feel, as well as to think and believe, differently. The direction philosophy and science will have to take to extricate us from the Cartesian mind-sbody split and its pathological consequences... will involve a radical redefinition of both mind and matter....

The solution of the mind-body problem, then, begins by recognizing that mind and matter are not distinct substances.... Consciousness and matter, mind and body, li and ch'i always go together. They are a unity, a nondual duality. The paradox is that we must speak of this unified reality of "body-mind", of "form-process" in dualistic terms. The singular nature of the ground of being is, ultimately, unrepresentable and ungraspable...Yet it is all we have and are.

is, ultimately, unrepresentable and ungraspable...Yet it is all we have and are.

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