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Psychosocial Energy from Polarization

Within a Cyclic Pattern of Enantiodromia (Part #1)

Annex 3 of Emergence of a Union of Imaginable Associations

Part A: Interrelating Metaphors -- to enable a cycle of transformation between epistemological modes
Implications of the cybernetics of cybernetics: complex adaptive systems?
Psychosocial energy through a metaphorical technology
Schematic Denkmodel
Epistemological domains
Global vs Local
Positive vs Negative
Part B: Psychosocial Work Cycle: Beyond the plane of Möbius
Beyond the plane of Möbius: form and medium in terms of the calculus of indications
Visualization: quadrant systems / Möbius strips / Klein bottles
"Sphering the Circle" : a Klein-bottle relationship "belt drive"?
Enantiodromia: cycling through the "cognitive twist"
Psychosocial work cycle / heat engine
Psychosocial power and its generation
Subunderstanding: autism, ADHD and schizophrenia
Conclusion: implication for sustainable development and governance

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This is an exploration of the possibility of designing (or recognizing) new types of psychosocial energy system dependent on the skillful interweaving of "positive" and "negative" energy. This would reflect the pattern of development of energy systems exploited by the industrial revolution -- offering the possibility of "generating" psychosocial energy. The exploration is based on interrelating metaphorically the patterns associated with the Van der Graaf generator, the Möbius strip, the thermodynamic work cycle, the process of enantiodromia, and the dynamics implicit in the BaGua symbol. The design process here involves the juxtaposition or superposition of patterns variously indicated through metaphor -- thereby used as design elements to explicate the whole.

The exploration is part of a study of the distinction between the century-old Union of International Associations (UIA1), an implicit Union of Intelligible Associations (UIA2) and an emergent Union of Imaginable Associations (UIA3) to which references are variously made..

Union of Imaginable Associations (UIA3) to which references are variously made..

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