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How Operation of the UIA has been Systematically Undermined (Part #2)

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Inadequate, inhibited response to financial challenges (despite formal warnings from auditors and Secretariat)

Failure to recognize and debate issues of inadequate leadership and strategic management

Unchallenged rejection of ethical responsibilities (soft loans, shared copyright, staff-related, contractual obligations)

Failure to engage responsibility of Active Members (especially Council Members) with statutory responsibilities - or to act on the implications

Failure to recognize and appropriately address developing internal organizational challenges

Misapplication of voluntary consultancy offered by Active (or Council) Members

  • Bypassing Secretariat authority structure (including the SG)
  • Empowering junior staff to undertake initiatives without consulting senior staff (or the SG)
  • Inability to apply such skills to dysfunctional Bureau, Council or Membership relationships
  • Inability to apply such skills to resolve differences between those offering them, resulting in an incoherent serial application of those skills on the Secretariat
  • Lack of concern for the consequences of such interventions

Procrastination and blocking of concrete documented proposals by senior staff collaborators in response to the financial and strategic issues

Progressive demotivation and marginalization of skilled senior staff and collaborators

Projection of above inadequacies as arising from obstructionism by senior staff

Exploitation of statutory legalities to avoid addressing strategic management issues

Increasing focus on internal politics and dynamics, avoiding effective consideration of emerging challenges