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Oct 2005-Sept 2006

How Operation of the UIA has been Systematically Undermined (Part #3)

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Focus on reinforced administration through frequent Bureau meetings

Systematic use of future Centenary celebrations as a distraction from imminent management challenges

Continuing failure to recognize and address developing financial challenges and other strategic issues -- or to develop methods to deal with them, or to act on the implications of not being able to deal with them

Undermining senior staff authority, involvement and motivation through

  • Development of a pattern of direct contact with more junior staff in the absence of senior staff (or the SG)
  • Failure to communicate Bureau meeting reports formally to senor staff and to elicit feedback for appropriate debate
  • Exploitation of decision-making  procrastination by Bureau as a means of making senior staff appear responsible for such procrastination
  • Exploitation of the experienced frustration by junior staff of under-resourced computer maintenance as a means of undermining the authority of those technically responsible