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Union of Intelligible Associations

Remembering dynamic identity through a dodecameral mind (Part #1)

See associated PDF slide presentation with images, notably relating to higher patterns of order: Union of Intelligible Associations: integrative design metaphors enabling strategic comprehension of the global brain. For further information on this strategic initiative, see website of Union of Intelligible Associations
Bridging modalities
Phase shift or transposition of key
Qualifying cognitive modalities
Higher patterns of order
Axiology: principles of axial symmetry?
Transcending the bicameral mind
Transformations of the "dodecameral mind"
Bridging the cognitive gap at the core of governance
Dynamic harmony through music: sonification for governance?
Higher order questions
Questionable merit of engaging with existing structures and processes
In search of radical coherence
Power of the imagination
"Union" as an emergent container for process: the "space between"
Inhabiting the "space between"
Embodying cultural resources
Singing one's own song

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Much has been made of the implications of globalization in its extensive geopolitical, economic and communication terms. The psychocultural implications have been far less intensively explored.

The information focus of the century-old Union of International Associations has highlighted the role of international membership bodies and their networks in giving form to the global society of the 21st century -- and in articulating its challenges and opportunities. But the knowledge society of the new century is no longer dependent on the communication networks sustained by such bodies -- as is notably evident in the emerging global role of the web, its search engines, and the patterns of organized interaction that they sustain through listservs, newsgroups, forums, and the like. These are precursors of the emerging semantic web -- potentially the key underpinning of the knowledge society.

Essentially the constraining boundaries of sovereign "nations", between which "international" associations provided a vital bridge, are now far less significant. The challenge to global coherence, now primarily explored under the theme of "global governance", is of a different nature. The significant bridge of the future is no longer "international" and perhaps can only be adequately understood through a complex of complementary terms. The nature of the "boundary" to be traversed is now quite different -- as with what is thereby bounded.

The purpose in what follows is to identify the semantic bridging modalities vital to future global coherence and thereby to cultivate reflection on the nature of both the "union" and of the "associations" that may therefore be implied.

both the "union" and of the "associations" that may therefore be implied.

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