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Global Civilization of Vampires: Metaphor of Governance via Demons and Vampires on Spin?


Global Civilization of Vampires
Vampires around the world
Vampires in literature, in the media, in games and on the web
Research on vampirism in popular mythology
Symbolism of blood
Vampires in psychoanalysis
Vampirism as a political metaphor
Energy vampires: blood and oil
Middle East strategy: an initiative by vampires in support of vampires?
Information vampires
Semantic and cultural vampirism
Demonic aspects of vampirism
World governance: a conspiracy of vampires?
Insights from vampirism as a metaphor of current world governance
Nature of a vampire society of elites?
Psychic vampirism by elites
Human dependency and vampirism: individual responsibility

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Although seemingly ridiculous as a characteristic belief of the marginalized, interest in vampires continues to develop. Metaphorically "vampirism" continues to be applied in the assessment of certain strategic agendas, notably by those on the left -- and especially by the marginalized.

The following exploration endeavours to scope out the extent to which civilization has been drawn into a mode of governance that might usefully be described metaphorically as vampirism. Such an exploration is potentially a useful alternative framework against which to assess meetings of the G8 and other global agenda-setting gatherings. They may increasingly bear a strong resemblance to Roman Polanski's classic Bal des Vampires [more]. This concern is effectively expressed, as Director of Campaigns and Policy at War on Want, by John Hilary (Bloodsuckers' Summit: why the left should rendezvous with G8 in Gleneagles, June 2005).

There is a curious symmetry to the perception of vampirism in contemporary culture. On the one hand the world's elites tend to be labelled as "vampires" and "bloodsuckers" by the political left -- speaking on behalf of the marginalized victims of policies developed and supported by those elites. On the other hand, those perceiving themselves to be most socially alienated from modern society, the Goths, personally identify themselves as vampires embodying and symbolizing their isolation.

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