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Critical Thinking vs Specious Arguments


Web resources: Critical thinking vs. Specious arguments
Critical questions: general
Critical questions: specific
Games people play
Rules of evidence
Evaluating information
Sceptical Inquiry
Specious and fallacious arguments
Emotive arguments
Rhetorical criticism
Wishful thinking
Nasty questions
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Critical and uncritical thinking

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Crtitical thinking: recommended readings (

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Critical Thinking in Psychology (*digdonn/psych104/think.htm)

Asking the Right Questions: A Guide to Critical Thinking by M. Neil Browne and Stuart Keeley (,4096,0130891347,00.html)

Critical thinking and its relation to science and humanism by Steven D. Schafersman (

Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum Project

Coaching Winners: How to Teach Critical Thinking (

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Articles on Critical Thinking (*wts/cwp/lib/thkgbib.html)

Skills, Generalizability and Critical Thinking by Sharon Bailin (

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