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Distinguishing Emergent Conceptual Polarities: experimental ordering of a collection of research papers


Distinguishing Emergent Conceptual Polarities
Polarity: diversity-unity
Polarity: agreement-disagreement
Polarity: organization-chaos
Polarity: configuration-relationships
Polarity: strategy-lifestyle
Polarity: static-dynamic
Polarity: conventional-radical
Polarity: future-present
Polarity: global-personal
Polarity: information-communication
Polarity: comprehension-incomprehension
Polarity: facts-aesthetics
Polarity: balance-imbalance
Polarity: problems-potential

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The following exercise in thinking about thinking is an effort to identify a higher degree of order in the set of papers produced by the author in the period from 1962-2004 (as discussed separately in Self-reflexive Learnings from Writing, 2004). The focus here is on the set of value polarities which they may implicitly address -- and how that set could be configured. The further implications are explored below, and separately (Configuring Conceptual Polarities in Questing: metaphoric pointers to self-reflexive coherence, 2004).

For each polarity tentatively identified polarity below, a selection of papers is given. These may be directly accessed, except where the year is followed by an asterisk (when only the bibliographic reference is accessible).