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Polarity: diversity-unity

Distinguishing Emergent Conceptual Polarities: experimental ordering of a collection of research papers (Part #2)

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Diversity (variety) -- Unity (synthesis, integration, coherence)

Diversity: Reflected in the author's construction and maintenance of large data sets on every field of human activity (whether international organizations, world problems, human values, human development, etc) notably for the Yearbook of International Organizations and the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential.

Also present are a number of papers concerned with the range of types of strategy (1995, 1998), dialogue (1998), organization (IGO, NGO, all), transdisciplinarity, values, roles (1997), etc.
Unity: Reflected in many papers concerned with synthesis (1968, 1997, 2000) , integrative concepts, transdisciplinarity, dialogue (1996, 2000) , and ways of articulating unity (1991) and coherence (***). The institution where much of this work was done bears a title (Union of International Associations) which raises interesting questions about the nature of any "union" to be discovered between any form of "association", whether conceptual or otherwise (see Union of International Associations -- Virtual Organization, 2001). An early concern has been broadening understandings of unity (Liberation of Integration through pattern, oscillation, harmony and embodiment, 1980)