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Proceedings of International Meetings: Analysis of a bibliography


Proceedings of International Meetings
Classification of Material
Analysis of Material
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Orginally published in International Associations, 1964, August, pp. 462-471 [PDF version]


The following summary analysis is based on Bibliography of Proceedings of International Meetings held in 1958 which has just been published by the Union of International Associations.

The bibliography contained 1587 reports produced in connection with 1161 meetings on all subjects. Material was included in the bibliography on the basis of the following criteria :

Proceedings: official report and/or working papers. Where these have not been located or published reference has been made to summary reports in periodicals. Every effort was made to provide a reference to some material descriptive of the meeting.

International: a meeting involving representatives of three or more countries where the participants are considered to be present on an equal basis and not as foreign guests at a national meeting. (Information on the proceedings of national meetings of this type is in principle covered by the national bibliographical and library services of the country concerned and thus does not fall within the scope of this bibliography.)

Meeting : conferences, congresses, symposia, roundtables, conventions, assemblies, etc. of international governmental and nongovernmental organizations together with the international meetings organized by national organizations. This includes the specialist and technical meetings held under the auspices of the United Nations and the Specialized Agencies. Reports of meetings of the principle administrative and consultative bodies of the larger organizations have been included as many are fairly substantial volumes of more than internal interest.

Subject: material has been included under all subject headings.