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Use of Multi-Meetings: Proposal for Improvement to NGO / UN Relationships


Use of Multi-Meetings
Resultant Organizational Flexibility
Examples of subjects being discussed by more than one UN NGO group
NGO Interdependence and Isolationism
Table showing degree of overlap in consultative relations

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A group of London-based NGOs met at the request of the NGO Standing Committee of the Conference of international Nongovernmental Organizations Approved for Consultative Status with UNESCO and agreed to transmit the following suggestion to the Committee. (The matter was duly considered at the March 1970 meeting and postponed for consideration at the June meeting). Published in International Associations, 1971, 6, pp. 354-359 [PDF version]


As a relatively simple change of procedure which does not imply any " massive structural reorganization "of NGO relations, each of the various " consultative status "NGO Conferences could be scheduled to take place at the same place during the same period, instead of being held in different places at different periods. In other words without in any way linking them together procedurally it would be quite possible to hold the plenary sessions in the same physical setting (e.g. in neighbouring conference rooms with a common reception /refreshment area) mainly as concurrent sessions with the possibility of joint sessions on substantive matters where these were felt to be useful (e. g. a briefing on development).