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Conference towards Spiritual Concord as a Metaphor of Spiritual Concord

Notes and reflections

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Collection of documents distributed by the Union of International Associations. [complete PDF version]

Summary [PDF version]

1. Clues and insights [PDF version]

2. Towards a language of spiritual concord [PDF version]

3. Reports on significant meetings [PDF version]

4. Meeting thoughts, visions and speculations [PDF version]

  • Facilitative guidelines
  • If the congress appears over-structured
  • If the congress appears too unstructured
  • Tao in large groups
  • A congress as a meditation
  • Mapping: who's where?
  • Rediscovering the wheel: types of person and congress communication

5. Participant messaging system for insight capture [PDF version]

6. Configuring globally, contending locally [PDF version]

  • Tensional integrity
  • Tensegrity construction
  • Patterns of sustainability -- from 2D to 3D

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