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Dalai Lama

  • [2006]  The Universe in a Single Atom: the convergence of science and spirituality. Three Rivers Press, 2006
  • [2003]  The Art of Happiness at Work. Riverhead, 2003 (Dalai Lama / Cutler, Howard)
  • [1998]  The Art of Happiness. Riverhead: a handbook for living, 1998 [summary] (Dalai Lama / Cutler, Howard)
  • [1993]  Human Rights and Universal Responsibility (United Nations World Conference on Human Rights, Vienna, 15 June, 1993). Government of Tibet in Exile [text]

Kairos documents referencing any of the above

[2013]:  Being Neither a-Waving Nor a-Parting [Refs]

[2011]:  En-joying the World through En-joying Oneself [Refs]

[2007]:  Universal Declaration of Responsibilities of Human Intercourse: a draft proposal [Refs]