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Possible Meeting Facilitation Services


Possible Meeting Facilitation Services

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Presented to a session on 'Planning for Spontaneous Assistance and Techniques in Meeting Organization' at the Associate Members Meeting, Union of International Associations (Brussels, 1993)


  1. Simple: both to implement and to understand;
  2. Non-invasive: and non-disruptive of normal meeting processes;
  3. Designed to 'fail safe':in the event of implementation difficulties;
  4. Cost-constrained: in that resources used can be increased and decreased by modular amounts according to need and availability;
  5. Reconfigurable: in that the particular facilities actually used can be changed during the meeting according to need and response;
  6. Output-oriented: in that it gives rise to a concrete output wherever possible;
  7. Enthusiasm-responsive: in that where interest in operating a particular facility exists (such as on the part of a motivated group of volunteers) it can be done independently of other initiatives.