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Requisite Childlike Cognition for Integration of Heaven?

Considers various metaphorical understandings of heaven in relation to comprehension

Requisite Childlike Cognition for Integration of "Heaven"?
Ultimate strange attractor: "Heaven" ?
Achieving "Heaven" through renewal of childlike cognition?

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This explores the sense in which there may be value in revisiting learning capacity of children at the earliest age to gain understanding of a proactive modality easily lost through adaptation to the conventional cognitive modalities readily understood as the primary requirement for survival. This forms part of a more general discussion, where relevant references are located (Way Round Cognitive Ground Zero and Pointlessness: embodying the geometry of fundamental cognitive dynamics, 2012; see alternative table of contents).

The exploration is encouraged by religious injunctions held to be significant in relation to faith-based government, especially of Christian inspiration. These can be usefully reframed in relation to more general understandings of access to "Heaven", whether understood in religious or secular terms, as an integrative expression of the highest values of which humanity can conceive.