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Embodying a Way Round Pointlessness?

Considers possibilities of navigating round any existential sense of pointlessness

¿ Embodying a Way Round Pointlessness ?
Visual representations of numbers and their cognitive implication
Cognitive "x-factor" bridging strategically between linear and circular modes: π
Enabling cognitive engagement between linear and circular: π as an aesthetic catalyst
Strategic implication of π through polygonal approximation to a circle
Cognitive implication of polygon circumcircle and incircle in strategic implementation
Implication of π through approximation of strategic polyhedra to a sphere of "globality"
Cognitive implication of polyhedron circumsphere, insphere and midsphere in strategic implementation
Enabling a reconciliation between one and nothing: π and the mysterious Euler identity
Body knowledge: understanding without proof
Embodying openness in a toroidal dynamic
Spiralling around "nothingness" and "pointlessness": the design implications of phi
Recognizing the "point" and reframing "nothingness": discontinuity and surprise
Dynamic reframing of surprise: Black Swan / White Raven

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This forms part of a more general discussion, where relevant references are located (Way Round Cognitive Ground Zero and Pointlessness: embodying the geometry of fundamental cognitive dynamics, 2012; see alternative table of contents).

The argument there endeavours to reframe the tendency to identify a strategic "way" -- "The Way". Such a way was associated with a "line" and, by implication, with the limitations of linear thinking. The many strategies formulated in this way suggest the need to configure them for greater coherence -- whether as edges of a polygon (in two dimensions) or as sides of a polyhedron (in three dimensions). With the increase in the number of "linear" strategies configured in this way, the configurations approximate progressively to a circle or a sphere (respectively) -- conventionally associated with higher orders of integration.

Mysteries: Curiously this seemingly logical approach fails to address the strange existential mysteries of:

  • the questionable impulse to "point-making", with the possibility of engendering a "worldview" -- or be subsumed by such
  • the degree to which the context of "point-making" and elaboration of  "the way" is characterized by forms of "nothing" -- typically ignored or neglected, most notably in "global" strategies with all-encompassing aspirations
  • the manner in which current strategic elaborations of "the way" have engendered "nothing" and the expectation of "nothing" in the future
  • the hope associated with "point-making", and the elaboration of a "worldview", of thereby emerging as "number one", thus avoiding being a "no-body"
  • the relationship felt between the assumed linearity of "the way", the circular coherence of a desirable outcome, and the nothingness thereby contained or held at bay -- perhaps usefully recognized in aspirations to a "hole in one" in various contexts
  • the sense in which seemingly fruitful initiatives tend to get "sucked into a hole" -- a vortex of dysfunctionality or of unbreakable cycles (Web resources on "breaking the cycle", 2002)

There is a sense in which, through the problematic "enclosure of nothing",  current understanding of all-encompassing global strategies could be compared to the problematic historical process of the "enclosure of the commons" -- and the consequent "tragedy of the commons".

Naught: In a separate discussion of the potential insights from geometry of higher dimensionality (Global Brane Comprehension Enabling a Higher Dimensional Big Tent? Strategic implication in encompassing nothing and coming to naught, 2011), attention was drawn to the curious relationship between integrative insight and the nature of strategic futility in the light of the contrasting indications offered by Omar Khayyam, the famed Persian polymath (Implicit possibilities of synthesis: Omar Khayyam, 2011):

Of knowledge naught remained I did not know,
Of secrets, scarcely any, high or low;
All day and night for three score and twelve years,
I pondered, just to learn that naught I know.

And if the Wine you drink, the Lip you press,
End in the Nothing all Things end in -- Yes --
Then fancy while Thou art, Thou art but what
Thou shalt be -- Nothing -- Thou shalt not be less.

Rather than a "Way" to engage with any cognitive sense of a "ground zero" and pointlessness, the question explored here is the nature of a "Way Round". This implies engaging with "nothing" rather than ignoring it and hoping it will go "away". The approach is encouraged by the increasingly proactive approach of fundamental physics to "nothing" and its potential.

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