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Engaging with Globality: through cognitive lines, circlets, crowns or holes

Reviews constraints on engagement with global issues in the light of linear thinking and denial.

Engaging with Globality
Cognitive engagement with globality
Globalization and globality
Mnemotechnics and symbolism
Dimensionality of engagement
Encompassing difference and disagreement

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Overview of a four-fold exploration. Produced on the occasion of the "coronation" of Barack Obama (as president of the country from which insightful leadership is expected in response to global problems) and of the "crowning experience" of the Davos World Economic Forum (for the instigators and observers of the global credit crisis and its consequences). [Engaging with Globality -- Dimension 1: Cognitive Realignment; Dimension 2: Cognitive Circlets; Dimension 3: Cognitive Crowns; Dimension 4: Knowing Thyself]
-- Argument
-- Cognitive engagement with globality
-- Globalization and globality
-- Mnemotechnics and symbolism
-- Dimensionality of engagement
-- Encompassing difference and disagreement

Dimension 1: Cognitive Realignment -- making points and aligning a target
Arrogance of the "Masters of the Universe"
Social unrest engendered by the crowned
Complicity of authorities in dysfunctionality
Davos as the "crowning experience" for the "Masters of the Universe"
Symptoms of denial: gender and the underside of meetings
Strategic implications of denial
Cognitive pathology of the "reborn"
Repetition, circularity and self-reflexivity
Beyond "Mickey-Mouse" governance of crises?
"Magna Carta": Configuring interlocking pathways for circular argumentation
Reframing finger-pointing, the blame-game and demonization
Literature for learning in interesting times

Dimension 2: Cognitive Circlets -- learning/action cycles
Disconnected scales of scope
Symbols -- by-passing and focusing lengthy articulations
Cognitive torque and fruitful associations
Cognitive implications
Cognitive insights from mathematics
Resonances between power in practice and in imagination
Existential focus vs Radical reframing of "body of knowledge"
Cognitive challenge of 2-dimensionality and 3-dimensionality
Cognitive engagement with globality
Enabling designs of cognitive circlets and crowns

Dimension 3: Cognitive Crowns -- all-encompassing, well-rounded experience
Engaging with globality through "triple crown" cognition?
Understandings of "crowning experience"
Potential clues to embodying globality through "crowning experience"
Reflexivity and the global financial crisis
Understanding "union"
Organization of memory

Dimension 4: Knowing Thyself -- embodying engagement with otherness
Emergent cognitive unrest implicit in social unrest
Cognitive implication "down the rabbit hole"?
Encouraging paradoxical strategies
Interfacing confidently between locality and globality
Transcending categories characteristic of in-the-box thinking
Cognitive interfacing with otherness: engaging with abundance
Radical questioning: delinking from detachment
Engendering categories: self-constraining world-making and system building
Playfully engaging with globality through re-categorizing and re-classifying
Realistic unknowing, requisite humility and appropriate questioning
Dimension 5?

Annex A: Engaging with Globality through Playful Re-categorizing
Annex B: Global Governance via a Double-breasted Strange Attractor
Annex C: Engaging with Globality through Dynamic Complexity
Annex D: Intercourse with Globality through Enacting a Klein bottle



This is an exploration of the challenge of providing succinct integrative vehicles for significance, notably as this relates to any existential sense of coherence and identity. The focus in Dimension 1 and Dimension 2 is on the challenge more conventionally understood in terms of the knowledge management required by governance and the governors -- on behalf of the governed. This is developed in Dimension 3 with respect to those who are effectively "crowned". In Dimension 4 the inadequacies and impracticalities of such possibilities, hitherto considered realistic, are used to reframe the cognitive challenge for any individual obliged to order cognitive skills and accessible insights -- where such dependence on external authority is now clearly unrealistic.

A summary of the argument is provided separately (Metaphorical Geometry in Quest of Globality, 2009)

In the light of Dimension 4, readers could consider avoiding the lengthy arguments of Dimensions 1-3 (regarding what is possible, but increasingly improbable) -- then focus only on the annexes of Dimension 4 for proactive viability and light relief, notably Annex B (Sustainable Governance via a Double-breasted Strange Attractor). Those annexes are premised on the assumption that sustainable governance is necessarily sexy -- and if it is not then it is unlikely to be sustainable.

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