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Meeting Industrialization and Package-Processing of Participants


Meeting Industrialization and Package-Processing of Participants
Organization of the Summit
Working sessions
Concluding plenary
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This is an unofficial summary of the proceedings and conclusions of the Summit. The event was organized on behalf of the Joint Industry Meetings Council (JMIC), an informal forum for exchange of views amongst 13 international bodies representing a range of interests connected with the business associated with the organization of certain international events. JMIC was founded in 1978. The author represented the Union of International Associations (UIA) at the event. The UIA is a founding member of JMIC.

The Summit was organized as the result of a decision taken by a number of JMIC members on the initiative of the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), which became the lead agency in planning and managing the event itself. ICCA members are divided into a range of categories including: *****. The bodies in each such category may also have their own international associations, independent of ICCA, and in some cases also members of JMIC. Their participation in ICCA is primarily associated with its focus on international meetings. ICCA has endeavored to position itself as the 'International Meetings Association'.

Traditionally a very high of competitiveness has characterized the relations between meeting industry bodies. The Summit was supposedly designed to address the dysfunctional aspects of this in order to achieve more fruitful collaboration amongst interested parties in their exploitation of business opportunities in relation to international meetings.

A particular concern was to ensure appropriate recognition for the international meetings industry, whether by governments, the media or the tourism industry in general -- within which it tends to be absorbed in practice and in any market analysis. Indeed many of the industry associations have an extensive preoccupation with tourism-related revenue.