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Dreams that Dialogue is Made Of

Radical reframing offering neglected degrees of freedom

Dreams that Dialogue is Made Of
Thinking and engaging otherwise through metaphor
Information overload and information underuse: towards a meta-strategy?
Reframing through interweaving "meta" and "para"
Dreaming of dialogue in parameta space
Conscious self-reflexivity in dialogue
Greece as a test case?

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A shorter variant of this document has been published under the title: Metaphor as Fundamental to Future Discourse
(Futures: the journal of policy, planning and futures studies, 2016)


In a time of information overload, increasing invasiveness, and questionable strategic coherence for individuals and collectivities, could metaphor have an especially important role to play? Any in extenso commentary on the possibility is necessarily also part of the problem, fruitfully to be recognized as its own metaphor in exploring the pattern that connects meaningfully.

In this spirit, the commentary can be used as an exercise in avoiding external referents. These are potentially as problematc for readers as for the publisher of a journal, typically challenged by hyperlinks, images, the new possibilities of animation, and copyright constraints. Such a convoluted exercise then corresponds to reported experiments of a group of mathematicians and poets who write texts avoiding use of the letter "e", for example. More to the point, with everything supposedly connected to everything, how can such connectivity be navigated without external referents?

What can be fruitfully said without specific references to matters elsewhere -- potentially behind paywalls, or requiring prior knowledge and/or appropriate security clearance? Does such a modality effectively constitute a form of metaphor for the identity and requisite sense of existence through which to engage with the future?

Is any reference to matters external to a dialogue space then to be construed as an indication of its fragmentation -- or of potentially wider connectivity requiring embodiment otherwise? How is global sustainability to be achieved when challenged by obstacles to shared knowing? Are there forms of allusion and liminality which may suffice for that purpose? Avoiding verbose explication, can significance be usefully implied?