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Peck, M. Scott

  • [1998]  People of the Lie: the hope for healing human evil. Touchstone, 1998
  • [1987]  The Different Drum: Community Making and Peace. Simon and Schuster, 1987
  • [1987]  Different Drum; community making and world peace. Simon and Schuster, 1987
  • [1983]  People of the Lie: the hope for healing human evil. Simon and Schuster, 1983

Kairos documents referencing any of the above

[2015]:  Dying to Live, Living to Die, Lying to Live, and Living a Lie [Refs]

[2013]:  Playing the Great Game with Intelligence [Refs]

[2011]:  The Consensus Delusion [Refs]

[2008]:  Psychodynamics of collective engagement with polyhedral value configurations [Refs]

[2006]:  Human Values Stock Exchange: Investing in shares in a value market of [Refs]

[2004]:  Strategic Opportunities of the Twice Born: reflections on camouflaging deception [Refs]

[2004]:  Spontaneous Initiation of Armageddon -- a heartfelt response to systemic negligence [Refs]

[2003]:  Complementary Truth-handling Strategies: Mediating the relationship between the "Last class" [Refs]

[2002]:  Attacking the Shadow through Iraq [Refs]

[1995]:  Sustainable Dialogue as a Necessary Template for Sustainable Global Community [Refs]

[1993]:  Insights evoked by intractable international differences [Refs]