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Living Differences as a basis for Sustainable Community: Designing a difference engine


Living Differences as a basis for Sustainable Community
Challenges of difference
Elusive nature of appropriate balance
Ways of holding difference
Degrees of order
Non-linear holding patterns
Riders of conceptual confusion
Quenching higher order insights
Differences between universe designers
Where do we go when we disagree?
Holding incommensurable truths
Envisaging a higher order of pattern holding
Exploring the clues to pattern comprehension
Dancing with differences: some symbolic pointers
What might a "difference engine" be?
Beyond the wheel

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There is a desperate quest for consensus and "common ground" to constrain the proliferation in differences of perspective and preferred strategy. The track record is relatively poor. Differences are multiplying and undermining the implementation of strategies dependent on such agreement.

In this context, those with a different perspective are readily marginalized or viewed with suspicion - as has always been the case. Failure to subscribe to "universal values" is considered divisive. How to act effectively in the light of such values remains elusive. The common ground that is proposed is essentially simplistic (see discussion).

What follows is an attempt to recognize the fundamental role of difference in configuring the kinds of approach that might prove more appropriate at this time.