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Pattern of Meeting Participant Roles: Shadowy roundtable hidden within every meeting

Shadowy 'roundtable' hidden within every meeting

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Pattern of meeting participant roles

Click on areas of the diagram to obtain specific commentary from Towards a New Order of Meeting Participation on individual particiupant roles in the roundtable.

Diagram reproduced from: Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential

See commentary on specific roles and their relationship at: Contractual Bonds between Participants

  • Central seats at the round table represent the most tangible problems engendered by participants in meetings according to the style, capacity or limitations of each (click each for a commentary)
  • Outer ring indicates some key intergovernmental and nongovernmental bodies challenged by each perspective -- although some focus more on specific patterns of relationship.
  • Parts of the international community now struggle to reconcile particular triangular relationships whilst ignoring others (eg UNCED 1992 Earth Summit focused on 2 - 6 - 10, and GATT Uruguay Round on 1 - 5 - 9).
  • Sustainable development calls for an understanding of the dynamic interplay of checks and balances between all meeting participant roles.