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Hyperspace Clues to the Psychology of the Pattern that Connects in the light of 81 Tao Te Ching insights (Part #15)

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The argument in this paper may be understood as a succession of steps:

  1. Complete set of insights: The 81 insights of the Tao Te Ching are considered as a complete and comprehensive set which is a challenge to comprehension.
  2. Classification: Consideration of the possibility of the classification of such insights, notably in tabular or matrix form, to obtain some sense of pattern.
  3. Patterning across categories: The possibility that relationships between insights may constitute a pattern of associations of higher order than the simpler implications of any matrix. Insights from the mathematics of magic squares can be used as one tool for suggesting a possible basis for such a pattern.
  4. Aesthetic image: There is a real challenge to deriving integrative meaning from a pattern of association between seemingly disparate insights, especially if mnemonic qualities are required. The power of appropriate aesthetics may be used to enhance comprehension of complex patterns. Distinct semantic "threads" may then be fruitfully woven together -- perhaps a "magic carpet".
  5. System: The operational significance of a pattern of associations also needs to be clarified as a system of interacting forces to which a person is subject -- or within which a person can act. This dynamic, interactive perspective can notably be explored through the sense of possible moves in games (as in chess).
  6. Resonance: The systemic forces can be understood -- and even experienced -- as vibrations within some form of field which may have qualitiative attributes. Such vibrations may interact to provide unexpected resonance effects that can also be appreciated aesthetically.
  7. Emergent order: Resonance effects between insights can be understood as resulting in emergent forms of higher order ("overtones") -- namely semantically subtler forms of meaning.
  8. Enactivism: The apparently external reality of any pattern of resonance amongst insights may be understood as engendered by the perceiver ("Laying down the path through walking"). A diversity of alternative patterns may be generated in this way.
  9. Identity: Engagement with engendered patterns of order enables a new sense of identity -- subtler to the extent that the pattern is of higher order.
8: Enactivism 1: Insights 6: Resonance
3: Patterning 5: System 7: Emergence
4: Aesthetics 9: Identity 2: Classification

It may that the distribution of the above steps within the framework of the Lo Shu magic square suggests clusters of meaning -- by row, by column or by diagonal.

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