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Number of Kairos documents cited
Title Secondary title Year Citations to Kairos Partno
Destabilizing Multipolar Society through Binary Decision-making Alternatives to "2-stroke democracy" suggested by 4-sided ball games 2016 31 10
Clustering Questions of Existential Significance Considers possibilities emerging from the clustering of fundamental questions. 2010 24 3
International Institute of Advanced Studies in Mathematical Theology Proposal to enable faith-based governance through mathematical theology. 2011 22 5
Patterning Archetypal Templates of Emergent Order: implications of diamond faceting for enlightening dialogue - 2002 18 11
Strategic Overview of Union of International Associations - 2001 0 1
Principles of Transnational Action: an attempt at a set of guidelines - 0 5 15
Sustaining the Coherence of Dialogue through Apartness: configuration of entities through hypertext - 1997 1 6
Transformation of Global Governance through Bullfighting - 2009 12 6
Global Brane Comprehension Enabling a Higher Dimensional Big Tent? Possible cognitive embodiment of geometry to encompass synthesis of a higher order. 2011 37 7
Framing the Interplay of Leadership and Misleadership: in the light of the coaction cardioid and the Mandelbrot set - 2007 9 5
Future Operation of International Organizations within an Electronic Environment - 1997 17 6
Dynamic Reframing of Union: Implications for the coherence of knowledge, social organization and personal identity - 2007 75 10
Technical facilitation of meeting dynamics and participant interaction From conference organization for well-behaved participants 1975 2 1
Meshing Imaginative Vision and Policy Implementability - 0 9 10
Embodiment of Change: Comprehension, Traction and Impact? Checklist of issues constraining efficacity of conventional strategic responses. 2011 82 5
Nos Morituri Te Salutamus: Salute of Iraqi Citizens to the Coalition of the Willing Salute of Iraqi Citizens to the Coalition of the Willing 2003 0 1
Networking Alternation: an alternation network of 384 pathways of organizational transformation - 1983 16 14
Eradication as the Strategic Final Solution of the 21st Century? Indicative checklist of possible domains of application 2014 42 9
Network Mapping: Development of an operational relationship technique General description of problem 1992 1 1
Mapping Possibilities in Response to Information Needs of Science Policy-making for Development - 1978 5 9
Implication of Indwelling Intelligence in Global Confidence-building Sustaining the construction and dynamic of psychosocial reality through questioning 2012 70 19
Sixtieth Anniversary: Union of International Associations (1910-1970) Documents published on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary 0 0 1
Engaging with Globality: through cognitive lines, circlets, crowns or holes Reviews constraints on engagement with global issues in the light of linear thinking and denial. 2009 20 8
Post-UN Alliance of Nations? Explores possibility of enhancing the proposal of Dr Matthias Rath. 2004 23 4
Psychodynamics of collective engagement with polyhedral value configurations - 2008 34 10
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