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Titles of Kairos documents

Kairos document title
Number of Kairos documents cited
Title Secondary title Year Citations to Kairos Partno
Meetings as Metaphors: Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part M) Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue 0 2 1
Sixtieth Anniversary: Union of International Associations (1910-1970) Documents published on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary 0 0 1
Refining the Value of Sustainable Development Goals In quest of the systemic coherence of global attractors 2017 46 14
Engaging with Globality: through cognitive lines, circlets, crowns or holes Reviews constraints on engagement with global issues in the light of linear thinking and denial. 2009 20 8
Post-UN Alliance of Nations? Explores possibility of enhancing the proposal of Dr Matthias Rath. 2004 23 4
Reflections on the Strategy of UNESCO - 2000 0 8
Characteristics of phases in 12-phase learning-action cycle - 1998 2 1
Avoiding Dialogue with Alternative Worldviews at any Cost: Timid hypocrisy in responding to terrorism - 2005 6 14
Alternative Futures for the United Nations Memorandum 0 3 1
Pattern of Meeting Participant Roles: Shadowy roundtable hidden within every meeting Shadowy 'roundtable' hidden within every meeting 1993 1 1
Engagement of Governance with Spirituality: Complexification of the Political Image of Religions - 1998 0 4
Transcending an Asystemic View of Life Review of The Systems View of Life: a unifying vision 2014 62 10
Varieties of Disciplinarity, Interdisciplinarity and Transdisciplinarity: Table - 1998 5 1
Challenges More Difficult for Science than Going to Mars Difficulties greater than exploring the origins of the Universe or of Life on Earth 2014 23 9
Combining Clues to Ascent and Escape - 0 12 2
Inter-organizational relationships: in search of a new style - 1973 9 8
Snoring of The Other: a politically relevant psycho-spiritual metaphor? - 2006 9 8
Embodying a Timeship vs. Empowering a Spaceship - 2003 15 3
Strategic Briefing for the Messiah: Based on professional insights from preemptive news and image management Based on professional insights from preemptive news and image management 0 2 1
Being a Waveform of Potential as an Experiential Choice Emergent dynamic qualities of identity and integrity 2013 51 14
Marrying Strategic White Holes with Problematic Black Holes Questionable role of officiants in the engagement process and nuptial arrangements 2015 50 14
Relevance of Mythopoeic Insights to Global Challenges Uses the Lord of the Rings to explore integrative understanding appropriate to global governance. 2009 30 5
Where There is No Time and Nothing Matters: Cognitive Challenges at the Edge of the World - 2008 28 8
Towards an Outline of a Self-Reflexive Conference - 1975 0 1
Optimizing Web Surfing Pathways for the Overloaded Polyhedral insights from the travelling salesman problem of operations research 2015 25 9
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