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Development of Transdisciplinary Conceptual Aids


Development of Transdisciplinary Conceptual Aids
Summary of proposed project
Conception of requirements
Approach and procedure
Description of possible field interaction displays
Funds requirement
Significance of the project for the proposing organizations
Appendix I: Illustration of index form of field interaction displays
Appendix Ib: Illustration of field interaction with the aid of film

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Project proposed by Anthony Judge and Jere W Clark, Center for Interdisciplinary Creativity, Southern Connecticut State College

Originally published as UIA Study Papers: INF/7, May 1970. (Version francaise)
The approach advocated subsequently gave rise to the Integrative Knowledge and Transdisciplinarity Project


Given that fields of knowledge and activity are in many cases no longer usefully separable into isolated compartments, and that effective programs must be conceived as parts of a system (rather than in isolation), this project aims to provide:

  • a simple and unbiased general systems perspective to assist individuals and organizations to determine what fields of knowledge and activity are relevant to, or affected by, their activity;
  • a simple means for students, managers, and administrators to use in relating their own specialties to other interacting fields.

The approach used is to develop techniques for portraying the interdependence of, and information transfers between, knowledge and activity sub-systems.

In its least costly form the project could be under-taken and completed by a small working committee of individuals with either extensive cross-disciplinary experience or a general systems background.

The information collected and displayed could be easily adapted to electronic data processing methods as a stimulus to, or basis for, further research in this area. The approach used lends itself particularly to illustration by film as an educational aid.