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Configuring Conceptual Polarities in Questing: metaphoric pointers to self-reflexive coherence

Discusses use of various sets of metaphors to in providing a sense of coherence.

Configuring Conceptual Polarities in Questing
Metaphoric pointers
Processes of reflection and "insight capture"
Self-reflexive coherence through metaphor

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The following exercise in thinking about thinking is an effort to identify a higher degree of order in the set of papers produced by the author in the period from 1962-2004 (as discussed separately in Self-reflexive Learnings from Writing, 2004). As a preliminary, the papers have been separately ordered by a set of value polarities which they may implicitly address (see Distinguishing Emergent Conceptual Polarities: experimental ordering of a collection of research papers, 2004)

This is seen as suggesting a methodology that could be applied to other bodies of work. The set of polarities is explored here, as a challenge to comprehension, through a set of complementary metaphors that may usefully point to the nature of that higher order. The metaphors are then used to clarify the nature and intent of the writing process itself.